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  •   Bromoacety bromide
    2-Bromopropiomyl bromide
    Acety bromide
    Propionyl bromide
    Bromo cyclohexane
    2-Bromopropionyl bromide
    Bhosphorus tribromide
    Hydrobromic acid in acetic acid
              Huaian Liebang Kangtai Chemical Co., Ltd. (formerly Huai'an Kangtai Chemical Factory),is mainly engaged in research and development and production of pharmaceutical chemical products , in particular brominated hydrocarbon production and management products.
           Company has strong research and development capability, with 5 senior engineers and 10 engnieers,better laboratory facilities, production equipment and advanced testing methods. Products sold at home and abroad, have a good reputation.
           Liebangkangtai sincerely welcome domestic and foreign manufacturers and traders to come to discuss cooperation, the establishment of long-term stability of supply and demand, a common harmony.
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